PSIcapture Installation Guide


PSIcapture is a multi-faceted application requiring several key components to function in a variety of environments. Before beginning the installation process, ensure you have reviewed the following:

PSIcapture System Requirements

PSIcapture Prerequisites

PSIcapture and SQL Server

Downloading a PSIcapture Installation Package


Installation Steps

Below are the two major steps required to install PSIcapture. Click on a section to expand the steps within and complete each major step accordingly:


Extract, Unblock, and run as Administrator

The first step in the Installation process is to extract the downloaded ZIP archive. The PSIcapture setup executable must be extracted before running. Right-click on the file and select "Extract All…" from the menu options. Leave the default options which will extract the installer to a folder with the same name as the original ZIP file. Click on the "Extract" button, as in the screenshot below:


PSIcapture will be extracted into the directory specified in the form of a .EXE file.


Select the PSIcapture Setup executable application file. Right-click on the install file and click "Properties".


At the bottom of the properties window, select the "Unblock" button.  This option may not be present on all systems; however, it is vital to unblock the installer if the option exists.


Right-click on the installation package and choose Run as administrator.


Complete the Installation Wizard

The setup wizard will determine if some of the prerequisites needed to run PSIcapture are missing. Note: All missing prerequisites will automatically be selected for the user, if they are not selected the prerequisites were found to be already installed on the system.

Next, the setup wizard will install PSIcapture on the computer.

Review and accept the terms in the License Agreement.

Select the components that are required for the PSIcapture . Then click "Next".

  1. PSIcapture - This is the core installation files for the PSIcapture product.
  2. PSIcapture AdministrationThis will only install the administration module. When running the Admin Tool the user will only be able to administer the product and Capture Profiles and will not be able to capture images or run Capture Profiles.
  3. License ServerThis will install the License Server service and management tools. This is used to manage the concurrent licenses and manages the page counts for the pooled images.

To install to the default folder, click “Next.” To install to a different folder, enter it dialog box or click “Browse.”

Click "Install".

When installation is complete, click "Finish".


Once the installation process is complete, proceed to Configuring the Service Manager to setup the installation type and begin configuration of PSIcapture in your unique environment.


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