PSIcapture: Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) Licensing


The Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) module expands PSIcapture's indexing capabilities beyond what can be manually keyed, captured from the image or imported from an external data source by allowing intelligent manipulation of indexing data before it is committed.  This article will provide a complete list of those features that are enabled or otherwise controlled by the ADE module license.


Licensed Features

The following features require an ADE license on each station where the associated processing will be performed:

  • Regular Expression (Regex) Validation of Data Fields
  • Data Field value assignment when using the 'Matching Word Only' or 'Matching Word Only (Custom Format)' options
  • OCR Assisted Indexing when using the 'Highlight Matching Words Only' or 'Highlight Matching Words Only (Custom Format)' options
  • Anchoring on Zone OCR/ICR Expression
  • Automatic Multiple Record (Multi-Rec) using Zones
  • Precision OMR
  • Migration Document Filtering



If you would like further information about ADE or any of the listed features, please contact your Reseller or Channel Manager.


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