PSIcapture: Barcode pixilation from PDF file due to native Image Extraction


When Importing lower quality PDFs, Barcodes increase in pixilation and become unreadable.



When importing PDFs, we are pulling the images directly out of the PDF and using those as our captured image (this is the default behavior when the PDF stores one image per page because it is a much faster method). The initial quality of the image can affect the quality PSIcapture ends up with when using this method of direct image extraction. If you disable image extraction, we rasterize the PDF and the image generated is much better quality and thus barcode recognition succeeds.

To resolve this issue, edit the capture profile and navigate to Workflow > Capture/Import > Configure. Under "PDF Import Options" of the "Import" tab, select the option "Disable Image extraction and always use rasterization". Additionally, in the "Import Options" section above, ensure that the "Minimum Resolution" matches the imported file resolution:




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