Creating PDF Bookmarks through Scripting


A common request received from customers is how to setup PDF bookmarks. PDF Bookmarking can be accomplished by either inserting PB- barcode sheets where you desire a PDF bookmark to be set or via scripting as exampled below


Script Example

This code will create a PDF Bookmark on the first page of a document based on the value entered in the field PDFBookmarkName:


PDF Bookmarking
public virtual bool DocumentDataRecordValidated(IDocument document, IDataRecord dataRecord, bool valid, ref string validationMessage)
		document.Pages[0].PDFBookmarks.Clear(); document.Pages[0].PDFBookmarks.Add(dataRecord["PDFBookmarkName"].StringValue, 1, 	Color.Black, FontStyle.Regular); return valid; 
		catch (Exception exception)
		base.ProcessException(exception); return false; 


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