Double Blind Indexing with Re-Key Feature Set


A common question we receive from customers is: "Does PSIcapture have the ability to perform double blind indexing?" The answer is we do have the capability to perform double blind indexing via the Re-key feature set. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. In step 6 of 10 (Index Data Fields), set the document or folder level index fields you would like to enable for Re-key/Double blind indexing. 
  2. In step 9 of 10 (Workflow Step), you must create two indexing steps. The first Index Workflow Step should not have Re-key enabled and the second should have Re-key enabled. 

  3. When the workflow is run, the user will enter the initial data into the fields in the first Index step.

  4. When the second user indexes in the second index step with Re-key enabled all fields will be blank just as the first user would have seen. The only difference is that the values that are entered in Index 2 (Re-Key Entry) step will compare values to the first entry entered in Index 1 (Initial Entry). If they are the same validation will pass on the field. If they differ validation will fail and force selection of a finalized value.


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