PSIcapture How-to: Filebound Migration: Change FileBound Password

To change or update a password in an existing Filebound configuration:

1.  Open Configuration.
2.  Select doctype for FileBound migration.
3.  Proceed to step 9 of 10 (or 8 of 9 on older version).
4.  Edit Migration workflow step.
5.  Edit FileBound migration.
6.  Wait for query to FileBound, acknowledge error message regarding password or login.
7.  Edit password on the top left corner.
8.  Click 'Test Connection'.
9.  If password is correct, it will indicate success.
10.  Make sure the FileBound project is selected, located underneath the user/password section.
11.  Save changes.
12.  Finish saving Migration settings.
13.  Complete doctype and save all changes.

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