PSIcapture How-to: Migration: AppXtender Proper Formatting

This example is taken from the ApplicationXtender Core Components Administrator’s Guide 6.5 on pages 367-377. The file name should appear immediately after the index fields.

The data for insertion in index fields must be formatted and ordered to correspond exactly to the fields as defined and ordered in the AppXtender application. For example, one line, which references an image file, could read as follows:

123121234,JOHN DOE,092964@c:\windows\cars.bmp

The social security number, name and birth date make up the first part of the record in the import file, and the CARS.BMP image is attached to that record. Both the index data and the image are imported as a document in ApplicationXtender. An example of a line referencing a text file would be:

123121234,JOHN DOE,092964@@c:\windows\cars.txt

In this example, again the social security number, name and birth date on the record are taken from the first three entries in the line, but here the CARS.TXT text file is attached to the index. The same format would be used to import a file of foreign file format.

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