PSIcapture Migration Troubleshooting: Alternate Access Mappings SharePoint migration error


When using the field CopyIntoItems to upload files from a client to a server, instead of its original intended purpose to copy files between two SharePoint servers, you may encounter an error:

Destination Invalid. The Copy web service method must be called on the same domain that contains the destination URL.



Your SharePoint server may not be set up to use Alternate Access Mappings (AAM).

For example, by default a SharePoint server will only have:


Stored in a value as an AAM.

If you are using

With the Copy service, and using it as the URL of the destination URL, it will fail.

This is because internally the URL is being resolved as


This is the only valid URL syntax internally.

The fix this, add as a URL in AAM on the SharePoint site within the configuration settings.

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