PSIcapture Troubleshooting: OCR: Problem with Indexing where character 8 is reading as B and vice versa


In an OCR workflow step, the character "8" is reading as "B" and vice versa.


  1. Click Configuration module
  2. Proceed to Index Data Fields.
  3. Click on Zone tab.
  4. Click Character Filtering tab down below.
  5. Select Numeric Only from Character Filter list.
  6. Check ON Enable Extended Characters.
  7. Click Enter Characters (Enter alpha characters a-z without spaces or commas).
  8. Select Auto Correct from Invalid Character Action list.
  9. Click Auto Correction Settings (Enter any characters that need correcting with invalid ones on your left corrected to on the right) you may remove any default ones from the list.
  10. Save Finish.
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