PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Scanning Speed: Capture preview doesn't keep up with scanner


You experience an issue where the scanner pulls a large batch of documents through entirely, but PSIcapture is still showing the image preview as if it were a live scan.



This could be due to too many Image Processing options.  In this case, the preview was about 200 pages behind the scanner.


Modification or replacement of the Image Processing step into a separate QA workflow step can dramatically increase the performance of PSIcapture when scanning documents in this scenario, where the application much apply processing on each individual page as the document is received from the scanner.


Follow these steps to affect configuration changes to this extent:

1.  Modify the doctype.
2.  Remove all Image Processing options.
3.  Add in a QA Workflow step.  You can rename it to Image Processing, or something similar.
4.  Edit the QA step.  Enabled Auto QA Processing.
5.  Select Auto Image Processing from the list.
6.  Add your image processing settings as required.
7.  Save all screens, and adjust this QA/IP Workflow step to occur directly after Capture/Import.  This way it will process before any Index processes.

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