PSIcapture Database Lookup: How-to: Define a schema.ini file

When doing database lookups, especially on a CSV file, PSIcapture will create a schema.ini file in the folder location of the CSV.   However, sometimes it doesn't explicitly define certain rows/columns, and in specific instances capture may not see or return certain data.

For instance, in this CSV, we are looking up zip codes in the 5-digit format.  One code has the extended zipcode, which includes the dash and 4 more digits.   However, without manually defining the Schema.ini, PSI:Capture is unable to 'see' or return anything from this row.

22222,ABC Company
33333-3333,DEF Company
44444,GHI Company
55555,JKL Company

We need to edit the schema.ini, and add the following at the end of the schema:

Col1=PostalCode Text
Col2=Vendor Text

PSIcapture will then be able to return the value properly.

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