PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Migration: Alchemy Database is locked


If Alchemy is configured incorrectly on a local client machine, it could cause migration errors when trying to migrate a batch:


Batch: 20131106.165150
Migration: Alchemy Direct
Error: Error connecting to Alchemy. The Alchemy Database you are writing to is currently locked.
System.Exception: Error connecting to Alchemy. The Alchemy Database you are writing to is currently
[11/21/2013 2:02:09 PM] Batch 20131106.165150: Migration Processing Error
[11/21/2013 2:02:09 PM] Batch 20131106.165150: Not Completed
[11/22/2013 7:09:32 AM - Error - v4.6.0.20]



You can troubleshoot via these methods:

Look at is UAC;   Alchemy doesn’t play well with UAC.  Dial UAC all the way down, reboot, and test again.

Second;  what version of Windows?   If the customer is running 64-bit Windows, then the Alchemy software must be at 8.3 SR5 or newer.  Check Help, About for the version number, which should be 8.3 (Build 6.x or higher).  

Third, if they recently installed Alchemy, did they install it using the “Run As Administrator” command?  This is mandatory when installing Alchemy on Win7, especially so on a 64-bit machine.

Fourth, open the Alchemy Administrator or Alchemy Index Station components.   Drag a document from the desktop into Alchemy.  “Build” the database (using the hammer & CD button in the toolbar).    Can they add a document to the Alchemy database this way?

Fifth, in the PSI:Capture Configuration, in the Migrations config, click the “Test Connection” button from the affected PC.

You have to have the Administrator (or “Build”) component installed on the PC in order to migrate documents to Alchemy.

Go into Control Panel, Programs & Features, Alchemy, Modify,, and add the Admin component

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