PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Database Lookup: ODBC Database lookup to AS 400 DB2 error: Column does not belong to table.


User is setting up an ODBC Database Look-up to an AS400 DB2 Formatted Database.

You look in the logs and find the following error.

'RECDT'= Database Column Name.

CSRECLRS=Database Table Name.

[1/29/2014 10:40:20 AM - Error - v4.5.5.7]
Column 'RECDT' does not belong to table CSRECLRS.
   at System.Data.DataRow.GetDataColumn(String columnName)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Modules.Index.IndexLogic.RunDatabaseQueryLookup(Batch batch, Folder folder, Document document, Int32 documentRecordNumber, DataField dataField, Boolean autoIndexing, Boolean reIndexing, Boolean reRunMultirecLookup, Int32& totalLookupsRun, Int32& totalLookupsFailed)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Modules.Index.IndexLogic.AutoIndexDocument(Document document, Boolean runZoneOCR, Boolean runZoneOMR, Boolean runDatabaseLookups, Boolean recreateAutoMultiRecords, Int32& totalLookupsRun, Int32& zoneOCRFieldsProcessed, Int32& zoneOMRFieldsProcessed, Int32& totalLookupsFailed)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Modules.Index.IndexModule.RunAutoIndex(Batch batch, Boolean runZoneOCR, Boolean runZoneOMR, Boolean runDatabaseLookups, Boolean recreateAutoMultiRecords)


They created a new DB with attributes that did not work with PSIcapture. The data-type for 'RECDT' in the DB2 AS400 and PSIcapture were set to Date. The Formatting for these are both different. So changing the data-type in the DB2 to "varchar" or "char" and changing the data type in PSIcapture to "text" made it work properly.

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