PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Elevating Capture Services to run as a Domain User crashes services


After installing PSIcapture 5.0+, the services will be running as Local System.  If you attempt to elevate these services to run as a different user, the services will fail, and a review of the Capture.Services logs will indicate problems accessing or finding configuration.mdf and configuration.ldf.  This is due to the SQL 2012 Local DB configurations, and the new user not having SQL permissions to the DB.  



There are two workarounds:

1.  Set capture services to run as Local System, and enable Impersonation in the Auto Import configuration (recommended).   Impersonation has been fixed since prior versions, and running this with a user with full rights to the watched folders will enable Auto Import to function properly.

2.  Perform a workaround to get the user running capture services access to the MDF/LDF databases:

a.  Stop capture services
b.  Locate Configuration.mdf and Configuration.ldf in C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Capture.Services\Configuration and rename to Configuration.mdf.old and Configuration.ldf.old
c.  Locate BatchManager.mdf and BatchManager.ldf in C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Capture.Services\Batch Manager and rename to BatchManager.mdf.old and BatchManager.ldf.old
d.  Elevate Capture Services to run as desired domain/other user
e.  Start Capture Services.  It will now create new MDf/LDF
f.   Stop Capture Services.
g.  Rename the newly created MDF/LDF files .new
h.  Rename the previous .old files back to their original names:  Configuration.mdf.old Configuration.mdf, etc.
i.   Start Capture Services.   Services will stay running and user will now have rights to the DB files.  

Additionally, you can run the two BAT files included.  Simply stop the capture services, run the first bat file, elevate the capture services to run as a domain user, and start them. Wait about 30 seconds, stop services, and run the second BAT file.  Start the services again

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