PSIcapture Import Error: Can't decompress image file at PixTools



PSIcapture encounters an error during the conversion of a PDF document to a TIFF image, and displays the following error in the log:


[12/14/2014 1:43:03 PM - Error - v5.3.0.10]
Can't decompress image file.
at PixTools.PixCore.BaseIsisDriver.Run(CommandId command)
at PixTools.PixScan.Pipe.Run()
at PixTools.PixImaging.PixImageStorage.PipeWrapper`2.Run(Pipe compressionPipe, IEnumerable`1 compressionTags)
at PixTools.PixImaging.PixImageStorage.LoadImage(PixImage targetImage, Int32 pageNumber)
at PixTools.PixImaging.PixImageStorage.LoadImpl(PixImage targetImage, String fileName, Int32 pageNumber, IReplaceableIO rio)
at PixTools.PixImage.LoadImage()
at PixTools.PixImage.RunLoadWorkflow(Action loadImage, Action loadAnnotations)
at PixTools.PixImage.ForceLoad()
at PixTools.PixImage.CheckPixmPage()
at PixTools.PixImage.Preconditions.Run(Action[] actions)
at PixTools.PixImage.get_ColorFormat()
at PSIGEN.Capture.Imaging.ImagingUtility.LoadImage(String fileName, Int32 pageNumber)
at PSIGEN.Capture.PDF.PDFUtility.ExtractPage(String pdfFile, Int32 pageNumber, Boolean disableImageExtract, Boolean ignoreXObjectAnnotationImages)
at PSIGEN.Capture.Devices.ImportFileImageSource.AcquireNextImage(ImportedImageResolutions importedImageResolutionType, Int32 importedImageResolution)
at PSIGEN.Capture.Devices.EMC.Import.ProcessAction(ImagingDeviceActions action)




First, we must understand the process that PSIcapture goes through to process PDFs into TIFF images. During import, PSIGEN.Capture.PDF.PDFUtility.ExtractPage generates a TIFF image for the specified PDF page.  It then stores the TIFF in a temporary file in PSIGEN\TemporaryFiles\Temporary Images.  The tiff image can be generated in one of two ways: rasterization (basically taking a snapshot of the PDF file’s page) or by direct image extraction from the PDF.  Direct image extraction takes place only if the option to do so is selected and only if there is a complete image to extract from the page.

PSIGEN.Capture.Imaging.ImagingUtility.LoadImage then attempts to read the temporary tiff file and create a PixTools PixImage object, which is the image object we work with in memory.

After loading the PixImage object, we examine various aspects to the image including the color format.  During retrieval of the color format, the operation failed.

This will probably result in a bad batch, that will not be completed.  In cases where files need to be processed without having the original remade, you can try to disable Image Extraction on the capture workflow settings.

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