PSIcapture Migration: Full Text OCR PDF Output Options

PSIcapture has the following options using Full Text OCR PDF Output.

  • The output type is limited to Adobe PDF(Image with Hidden Text) or Adobe PDF (Image Only)
  • PDF Conformance are as follows; PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5+, and PDF/A-1b
  • JPEG Compression which only applys to color images range from None, Low, Medium, High, and Maximum.
  • Option available to "Create Linerarized PDF (Fast Web View)"
  • Downsampling is available from 275 DPI down to 100 DPI for output PDF.
  • Ability to embed "PDF Document Field Options" like Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords.
  • Encryption is also available using PDF Conformance 1.5+ which will allow you to enter an Owner Password and User Password to the PDF.
  • You can also set the default zoom level to Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Height, Or Custom Zoom Level Percentage.


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