Automation: Auto Import: Load Balancing second machine will not show in list.


You encounter an issue where you would like to load balance between a Capture Server and a Network Station. The Capture Server is processing but the Network Station is not being parsed work to load balance. Both machines have automation and auto import enabled.


Check the Firewall and ensure that the Capture.Services.exe and TCP 47232-47233 has inbound and outbound rules set. Check any other software whether internal firewall or windows firewall and ensure the same exceptions are entered by Internal IT team. Check Antivirus and ensure exclusions are set to specific folders our software uses this includes; Program Files (x86)\PSIGEN and all subdirectories, ProgramData\PSIGEN and all subdirectories, All batch storage locations, archive storage locations, and migration final output locations.

Once that is done here are some easy steps to getting Automation back online.

  1. Stop all capture services on all automation machines including the Network Stations that do not show up in the list.
  2. Before shutting off the Capture Server Service turn off all automation with the Automation option within the Configuration Module.
  3. Stop the Capture Service for the Capture Server.
  4. Start the Capture Service for the Capture Server.
  5. Ensure that firewalls are opened for TCP port 47232-47233 and ensure that the Capture.Service.exe has exceptions added for it as well this will need to be applied for all stations.
  6. Open the Capture Server and turn back on Automation.
  7. Now go to the Network Station that does not show up on the Automation list. Open the task manager and see if Capture.Autoimportprocessor.exe is still running even though the Service is stopped on the Network Station that does not show up on the Automation list. If it is still running stop the exe. 
  8. Start the Service on one of the Network Stations that do not show in the automation worker list. Ensure that all the same firewall properties are applied on that machine, as well as , the Capture.Services.exe.
  9. Open the Automation tab on the Network Stations and ensure that Auto Import is enabled on the Network Stations.
  10. Now go back to your Capture Server. The Network Stations should now appear on the list.


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