PSIcapture How-to: Configure Filebound Migration and Line Item Processing.

The following is a brief walkthrough on how to configure PSIcapture's Filebound Migration to handle "Filebound Line Item Processing".


You must configure the following separately:

    1 migration that migrates the header information and document to the Invoices project. You would have to add a Document Filter to only migrate Record Number 1.
    1 migration that migrates the line items to the Invoice Line Items project with no document sent over. Only a FileBound file would be created since that is what the index data gets attached to.

We have added an option to the FileBound migration that lets the user bypass uploading the Document to FileBound. A specialized FileBound plugin "AP Line Item Match” may be needed to display the special view that links 2 projects to show the line items but in the "FileBound Related Documents.jpg" screenshot you can see that the main document has 4 related documents, one for each line item.

In conclusion you will need two Migrations to separate FileBound projects. One that migrates the Document with Header Information and the other that migrates the metadata of Line Items to a separate project. In order to view them within FileBound you may need a specialized plugin in order to properly view the 2 projects linked by the specific search field.

Specific settings are below:

  1. 1 Migration with the option "Create Filebound Documents when Migratiing" and using pre processing to only Migrate the First Record of every document. Filtering off of System.DocumentRecordNumber (Regular Expression (  \b1\b  ) ) This creates the one Document with the MetaData from Record 1.
  2. Create a second Migration with the option "Create Filebound Documents when Migrating" turned off. So that only the MetaData is passed to the Document previously created in Migration 1.
  3. A consistent field across all records that is migrated as a search field in order to link the Other Records to the singular Document.


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