[Legacy][PSIcapture 5] PSIcapture SharePoint Migration: Error: The File Exists


Customer is running five separate Sharepoint migrations. They get this same error for each migration on one PC only. Migration runs fine on all other workstations.

Log message references "The file exists". Sharepoint migration is set to increment duplicate files.


This is not a SharePoint error. Its getting a file write error creating the temp PDF before we send it up to SharePoint. This usually occurs when Image Only PDF is selected as the output type for the migration.
This error can occur if their temp folder is full since its only on that one station (%LocalAppData%/Temp). Ensure that the user clears all of the TMP files stored in this location.

Reference Articles for further information;


https://psigen.atlassian.net/browse/PSIC-5748 -

We fixed an issue in where the Toolkit was leaving behind temp files in there so most likely they have a backlog of old temp PDFs in there that we generated.

This should be resolved past If a customer has this issue ensure they retest past this version.

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