PSIcapture Migration: Troubleshooting SpringCM Migration Processing


For the vast majority of our accounts associated with SpringCM, the endpoint URL is, which I would assume is what the Direct Migration is pointing to, or at the very least, being redirected to, as everything has worked out great with that.

We have a new customer account that is based off of a different SpringCM data center, utilizing an endpoint URL of, which doesn't seem to play well with the current configuration of this feature.

Is there any way to solve this, so that we may utilize this feature for this account? A patch, custom build, etc.? (Apologies if I'm getting ahead of myself here.)


This is the back end process as described by Development.

PSIcapture does specify the url or have any where to enter it so it should not matter which host it is hosted from.

The webservice url we use is

PSIcapture does not set it, that is what where it is located based on the API we use. The API calls to that address and  that web service Authenticates using its own method that we call. PSIcapture does not have any control on their back-end or how it authenticates.

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