PSIcapture Migration: FileBound: Operation not Allowed



When migrating to FileBound Direct, you may receive the following error:


[6/27/2017 2:26:43 PM] Batch 20170627.142440: Loaded
[6/27/2017 2:26:43 PM] Batch 20170627.142440: Starting FileBound Direct Migration
[6/27/2017 2:26:53 PM]     Document 00000001 Not Migrated, Sent To Exceptions Batch (1 of 1) Error creating new FileBound File: ERROR:
Request object
error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005

Operation not Allowed

?, line 0  (C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Capture\Temp\FileBound Direct Temp\20170627.142440.6486\00000001\000001.tif)
[6/27/2017 2:26:53 PM] Batch 20170627.142440: Migration Processing Error
[6/27/2017 2:26:53 PM] Batch 20170627.142440: Not Completed




You need to locate and edit the "Metabase.xml" file for the FileBound server.  On the machine hosting FileBound, this is normally located at:




Inside the file, you need to locate the "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" variable and increase it.  The average size is around 200 KB so any files larger than this will fail.

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