PSIcapture Migration: FileBound Error: Could not find Object of type Route with ID=6


When migrating batches into FileBound 7 you might experience the below error. 

Migration: FileBound Direct
Error: Error creating new FileBound File: Error saving Data Object: Server was unable to process request. --- Routing Every Document Error: FileBound.FBException: Could not find Object of type Route with ID=6
at FileBound.Business.BaseBusiness.GetObjectItem(ObjectType ObjectType, Int64 ObjectID)
at FileBound.Business.BaseBusiness.SaveObjectItem(Object Sender)



To overcome this, go into the web management/admin panel for FileBound.  Go to Projects, select your project, and ensure the Configuration is on "Project Settings".  Go to the "Assignments" tab.  Make sure "Allow Workflow Queue Selection" isn't enabled.  If it is, disable it, save, and re-try PSIcapture migration.



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