PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Capture Services: SQL LocalDB: Parameter 'dataSource' name cannot be null


Capture Services may fail and produce the error message below.  Although it references the Configuration service, the actual cause is not the Configuration.mdf files, but rather the SQL LocalDB instance.   It has become corrupted or been tampered with and needs rebuilt as NT Authority\System.

[7/26/2016 12:20:51 PM - Error - v5.4.2.13]
The following exception(s) occurred loading the Configuration service.
The following error(s) occurred:
Parameter 'dataSource' name cannot be null, empty or whitespace.
Parameter name: dataSource
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Data.SqlLocalDBUtility.StartKeepAliveThread(String displayName, String dataSource)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Data.Configuration.ConfigurationDataLayer.CreateDatabase(String dataPath)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Modules.Configuration.ConfigurationService.Initialize(Dictionary`2 properties)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Services.ServiceManager.LoadService(XElement serviceNode)


1.  Download the PSTools provided at link
2.  Extract the contents to someplace easy to get to, such as C:\Temp or C:\Temp\PSTools
3.  Navigate to that directory, and shift click in any whitespace.  Choose "Open Command Window Here"
4.  In the command prompt window that launches, run this command:  PSExec -i -s cmd.exe
5.  Accept the prompt and install the service a new CMD window will pop up. You are now running CMD as NT Authority\System account(Local System)
6.  Type in the command: sqllocaldb delete "v11.0" it will execute and either remove the existing SQL Local DB instance or tell you that it does not exist.
7.  Type in the command: sqllocaldb create "v11.0" it will execute and create the local db instance
8.  You can then run the command:  sqllocaldb info "v11.0" and it should display the instance running as NT Authority\System
9.  Start the Capture Services
10.  The service should remain stable and function, and PSIcapture should be operational again.
11.  If the service crashes, check the logs and ensure there isn't a permissions issue to C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Capture.Services\Configuration\Configuration.mdf
12.  If there are permissions errors to the above location, move or rename the files out, start the services to let it build new ones, and then rename or move the original files back in

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