PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Connecting to PSIsafe Direct Migration results in hung GUI and non responsive


You attempt to edit a PSIsafe Direct migration from PSIcapture, and the application just hangs and never produces a timeout or error, forcing you to terminate the process from Task Manager.

The PSIsafe server may be offline, or the IP address of PSIsafe has been changed.  This will result in an indefinite query to the PSIsafe server.


You can edit the capture profile / document type to locate the old IP and update to new.

1.  Stop the capture services, and navigate to:


2.  Sort the files by size.
3.  Edit each XML in text editor and search for the name of the capture profile / document type to ensure you are modifying the correct profile.
4.  Once you have determined the correct file, make a backup of said XML file.
5.  Search for the IP address of the old PSIsafe server.
6.  Replace the values with the new IP address, and save the XML.
7.  Start the capture services.
8.  Edit the capture profile / document type.
9.  Attempt to re-verify the connection back to PSIsafe , it should now be successful and allow migrations.

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