PSIcapture Migration Error: Square9 GlobalSearch Direct



Migration Errors from PSIcapture to Square9 Global Smart Search


When scanning from PSIcapture to SmartSearch, you may find some strange errors during the migration. The error message may pop up in PSIcapture as a full-screen page starting




Once we display the IIS errors to the requesting PC, the issue turns out to be that the “Maximum
request length exceeded” within IIS. The document is too long to be transmitted through the web, even
for quite moderately sized documents. (In this case, 100 pages, 10MB).



To correct the error, open the IIS Manager on the Square9 Server and edit the settings for the
Square9API node. Select Configuration Manager, then in the “Section” heading, select “system.web”,
then “httpRuntime”. Change the value to “1048576”, the click “Apply” in the upper-right pane.




Go back to Square9API, then select “Request Filtering”, and click the “Edit Feature Settings” link. Modify
the three values for “maximum” values to “1073741824”.

Open a command prompt with Administrator permissions, and type “IISRESET”. Press Enter.


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