Documentation: Error/Failed during Pre-Requisite installation, or Capture Services Fail to install

Problem:  Running the PSIcapture installer can sometimes fail to correctly install the pre-requisites.  Not much error information is logged then a general failure.

Solution:  Check Programs and Features to ensure the failed item isn't already reported as installed.  If it isn't installed, it could be permissions.   Either re-run the installer, ensuring to right-click and "Run as Admin", logon as a Local Admin/user, or you can also extract the subsequent installer files.

In the folder/directory where the PSIcapture installer is located, open Command Prompt.  You can then enter the installer name followed by /extract   In this example, you would type PSIcapture.Setup. /extract.

This will export all the individual installer files, and you can run each separately, and run/right click as Admin

Problem #2:  Attempting to install PSIcapture may result in the error that the Capture Services could not be installed, verify you have permissions and try again.

Solution:  This could be due to a incomplete or faulty .NET 4.6.1 installation.  You can check the Windows Event logs for anything related to .NET indicating issues for verification.  Run the /extract command above and navigate into the .NET pre req folder and run setup, and once that is complete re-run the PSIcapture installer.

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