PSIsafe Books Troubleshooting: Books will not connect to or open Company File

PSIsafe Books presents the following error when trying to connect to a company: 
QuickBooks must be open with the correct company file before proceeding.  Could not start QuickBooks.
Most likely the path defined in PSIsafe Books options does not match the actual location of the QuickBooks company file.  You will need to update the paths, these can be done via Company Setup > Add/Modify QB Company Setups.
  1. From the new panel, choose the dropdown to match the company data file in question. 
  2. From inside QuickBooks, click on File Previous Company to display the location of the data file. 
  3. Close QuickBooks or close the company file. 
  4. Input the correct location into the QuickBooks Information dialog at the bottom. 
  5. Once correct, click the "Update" button on the right panel. 
  6. Then click "Done". 
  7. Make sure you open QuickBooks company file back up. 
  8. Re-open the company from inside Books and it should now connect properly.
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