[Legacy] PSIsafe: Issue 12.01: Opening Office doc from Safe and then opening doc outside of Safe and closing Office closes all documents

With Office 2003, Open xls (Excel) document in SAFE. Then open xls document outside of SAFE. If any one of the documents are closed by closing the application, the other document closes too.
With Office 2003, Multiple xls(Excel) documents open in just one instance of Excel.exe. There by, if the excel application is closed, it in turn closes all the open documents. This does not work with SAFE as SAFE requires a separate instance of the application, as it monitors the closing of the application to save the document.
Method 1:  (Rename enclosed file extension to .reg and run)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\EXCEL.EXE\" /e \"%1\""
Method 2:  (Manual)
In Windows Explorer, Go to ToolsFolder OptionsFile Types
Scroll down to “XLS” extension. Click on “Advanced” button.
Select “Open” in the list and edit.
APPEND “%1” to the end of Application used to perform action
DELETE [open(“%1”)]
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