PSIsafe Troubleshooting: CNG File Processor will not allow user to process files


I added security permissions to her user on the C:/Program Files (x86)/CNG directory and we were able to log in and save the information.

However, none of the files are processing when the user tries it.


Issue #1:  Could not login to the file processing utility. The Connect To database information was not showing up.

Resolution: CTRL + Click on Cancel button on the Login Screen. There is an option for Channel type. Set it to “HTTP”.

Issue #2: Does not process Files after Successful login.

Resolution: Any time a configuration is setup (Done occasionally), it is required to restart the utility. If not restarted, the processing of files will not take place and the log file will have the error “Invalid User ID”.
In this scenario, the first action after login was to configure a setup and immediately followed by an attempt to process without a restart.

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