[Legacy] PSIsafe Troubleshooting: Issue 01.10: After update is applied, shortcut gives error or tries to reconfigure


After a CABINET update is applied, double clicking the short cut either gives an error message or tries to reconfigure.

Identify the issue:
1. Right Click on SAFE Icon.
2. Select Properties.
3. If Target: CNG-SAFE then this confirms the source of the problem.


1. Delete SAFE Short Cuts from Desktop (SAFE Client, Management and SuperSearch) and Delete Short cuts from All programsCNG-SAFE location.
2. Go to SAFE Application directory (read note below).
3. Copy CNG.SAFE.Client.exe and Paste shortcut to desktop. Rename short cut to “SAFE”.
4. Repeat step 3 for Management and Supersearch.


Generally the SAFE application directory is located in, “C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\CNG-SAFE\” for 64 Bit
and “C:\Program Files\CNG\CNG-SAFE\” for 32 Bit

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