[Legacy] PSIsafe: Issue 08.06: Application starts but the GUI isn't visible, but visible on the taskbar


PSIsafe starts (Process can be seen in task manager) up but is not visible.

The application is visible on the Task bar and seems like it is minimized.

This is applicable to the PSIsafe product family.


Application is open but the X and Y co-ordinates are out of the visible range. Follow the steps below to bring to the center of the screen.

1. Start Application if not already started
2. Select the application in the task bar (E.g.: Services)
3. Press “ALT + Spacebar”. This will bring up the System Menu.
4. Click on “Move”
5. Hit the right Arrow Key or any arrow key once (This is to hook it)
6. Now bring the Cursor to the center of the Screen. This should bring a empty rectangle along.
7. Perform Left Mouse Click. The Program should be visible at the center.

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