PSIsafe Troubleshooting: Issue 08.09: Cannot drag and drop from desktop to a remote desktop session.


Cannot drag and drop from desktop to a remote desktop (RDP) session hosting PSIsafe.


Windows Server 2022+: Supports Drag\Drop and Copy\Paste
Windows Server 2003: Does not support Drag\Drop or Copy\Paste
Windows Server 2008-2019: Does not Support Drag\Drop
Supports Copy\Paste (as long as clipboard redirection is enabled)
Supports Access to Local drives (as long as drive redirection is enabled)

You can use Copy and Paste feature that is previously supported (Windows 2008 Server) to transfer files between the client PC and the remote session. This can be done with a Save as folder on the remote session user desktop that is monitored by Saveas. The user copies the file on their local PC and pastes it into the monitored folder on the remote session desktop. This will bring up the filer to be filed into PSIsafe. It works really good and is a pretty elegant solution.

With Access to Local drives, you can pretty much do the same as mentioned above for the Copy\Paste feature.

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