PSIsafe DocuSign Troubleshooting: DocuSign not responding for on-premise installations, One or more errors occurred


The DocuSign module fails to load after selecting DocuSign - send from PSIsafe, but does not display an error message.



Verify the following:

1. PSIsafe 64-bit server is installed and running.
2. PSIsafe OpenAPI (or applicable API version) is installed, running, and points to a valid IIS instance that opens the proper page.
3. The Cabinet URI is properly set to this OpenAPI instance, i.e. http://[serverIP]/cabinet.
Additionally, ensure the user's name and email are set up properly within the DocuSign Web interface, located here:
Problem 2:
If you encounter the following error when opening PSIsafe Management and attempting to access the DocuSign settings:
Solution 2:
Then most likely your PSIsafe URI is not correctly pointing to the location of the 64-Bit Server/OpenAPI:

Correct the setting to point to the correct address of the machine hosting the 64-Bit Server/OpenAPI. Then, restart both the 64-bit Server Services as well as the 32-bit Server Services.
If you continue to encounter errors, likely there is a firewall or other security subroutine blocking communication.
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