[Legacy] PSIsafe Web: Full Text Search Failing


The Full Text Search fails in PSIsafe Web.


A new dependency (dtSearchNetApi4.dll) is part of the back-end (32-bit server).

Add dtSearchNetApi4.dll to the PSIsafe Web solution and reference.

 Workaround for existing PSIsafe Web installations (without loading a new build):


  1. On the Web Server. Stop the application pool used by PSIsafe Web.
  2. Copy the dtSearchNetApi4.dll to bin folder under the root folder of PSIsafe Web.
    For example: (C:\Program Files\Cabinet\PSIsafeWeb\bin)
  3. The file dtSearchNetApi4.dll can be found at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\CNG\CNGServer
  4. Restart the application pool.



The "old" Cabinet Web API and Windows API architecture is prone to these kinds of problems due to the tight coupling between Server and API logic.  The Open API does not have these sort of issues.

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