How to install PSIcapture discreetly? (Discreet Deploy via MSI PSIcapture)

PSIcapture Discreet Installation via MSI installer


Our installer uses a bootstrapper to handle the prerequisites and then kick off the main MSI installer.  This page explains the command line parameters available for the bootstrapper and ones that can be passed to the MSI.


Discreet Installations (No UI)

On PSIcapture 6.0+, MSI installation packages are bundled, and thus, MSI Command line parameters must be used.
A simple discreet installer might look something like this:
PSIcapture.Setup. /extract "C:\PSIsetup"

cd "C:\PSIsetup"

msiexec /a "Setup.msi" /qn /l*v c:\silent.log.

This will use the default directory in which the MSI resides.

OR Specify a specific installation directory instead:


msiexec /a "Setup.msi" APPLICATIONFOLDER="C:\Program Files (x86)\PSIcapture\" /qn /l*v c:\silent.log.

Additional commands/parameters may be necessary to account for permissions and other elements of your unique environment. This process should be completed by your internal IT department.

Learn more about MSI Command line parameters and setup here:


Please note: there are two methods of installing an MSI discreetly, the command parameter /i after msiexec installs the application normally as the current user, whereas the parameter /a installs an an Administrator and can be done over a network. This may be an important consideration for your unique environment.


Discreet Uninstallations (No UI)


There are two commonly used methods for uninstalling PSIsafe discreetly. The first mirrors the above example and employs MSI Command line parameters, substituting the /i or /a installation parameter with the /x uninstallation parameter:


msiexec /x "Setup.msi" /qn /l*v c:\silent.log.


The extraction and location of the original EXE used for the installation, as mentioned in the previous section, are necessary. Specify this with the same parameter, unless you have already used the cd command line entry to specify a working directory:


msiexec /x "Setup.msi" APPLICATIONFOLDER="C:\Program Files (x86)\PSIcapture\" /qn /l*v c:\silent.log.


Discreet Installations via Windows Management Instrumentation


Windows Management Instrumentation allows for the installation of applications, but a few steps must be taken first. Start with a runas command to set proper Administrator credentials. Then, follow up with the wmic commands pointing to the target machine and call up the installation with the appropriate path to the install package. An example of a discreet installation command line using Windows Management Instrumentation would be:


runas /[user]:[DomainAdminAccount@DOMAIN] cmd
wmic /[node]:[exampleremotemachine] call install true, “C:\User\Downloads\Setup.msi”, /nointeractive


Discreet Uninstallations via Windows Management Instrumentation


Windows Management Instrumentation allows for the uninstallation of applications via a reference name. An example of a discreet uninstallation command line using Windows Management Instrumentation would be:


wmic product where name="CAPTURE" call uninstall /nointeractive
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