PSIcapture: IBM AS400 DB Lookup Configuration Issues

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Database lookups are configured against “IBM AS400 DB2”


  • I can configure advanced lookup to connect to an ODBC source & map the fields to the database
  • Using the IBM I Access ODBC driver version
  • But when I try to do a lookup in Index the cursor becomes a circle.
  • I have the query timeout in capture profile set to 5 seconds but that has no effect.
  • I can perform the query, to the same table, using a program that connects to the same ODBC source, and the return is instant.
  • If I try to do a preview from Advanced Indexing, the cursor becomes a circle...not responding. I don’t see any messages in the logs.


  • A combination of PSIcapture and ODBC settings caused the DB2 database to flag the SQL query as a long running query
  • Thus blocking it from running until sysadmin approved it.
  • This caused PSIcapture to be unresponsive.
  • The fix was located in the ODBCsource
  • Edit the ODBC source IBM|Access for Windows
  • Performance tab > Advanced> uncheck Allow query timeout


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