PSIcapture Migration How-to: How to Migrate only one OCR File with a Workflow of two OCR Steps


Two OCR steps were being run in one workflow. One produces an XML and the other Produces a PDF. Customer did not want the XML to be migrate along with the PDF.



Follow the steps below to only output the PDF.

  1. Go to Configuration > Capture Profile > Workflow.
  2. Select Migration and click Configure.
  3. Select Microsoft SharePoint Direct (This applies to any Migration that outputs OCR files) and click configure.
  4. Under OCR and Non Image File Options look at the Files to Migrate Drop Down
  5. Select Single OCR File by Workflow Position.
  6. Make sure the position number Reflects the OCR Instance you would like to Migrate
    Example Workflow is:
  • Capture/Import,
  • OCR(XML),
  • OCR(PDF),
  • Migrate)

Select Instance 1 to migrate the XML or Select Instance 2 to Migrate PDF.

Rerun a fresh test batch to ensure the output is correct.

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