[Legacy] PSIcapture Capture Service: Batch Rentention Access Issue


When Running Batch Retention the Capture Service is running as a Virtual User trying to delete the records. When the Capture Service does not have proper access to Delete or Archive Batch Records the error below will be logged

[15/04/2013 4:57:03 p.m. - Warning - v4.5.6.17] 

Batch Retention failed to archive a batch.
The Capture Services service may have insufficient permissions to access batch
storage or batch retention storage locations.


Access to the path
'\\server-dc\Scanned_Documents\archive\20130410.130150' is denied.
System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)


This simply means that when the service is trying to delete or archive a batch the Capture Service does not have permissions to that location.



In version and earlier:

    1. Run Services.msc
    2. Right Click on Capture Service and click Properties
    3. Go to the Log On section Tab
    4. Log in the Service as a Domain Admin with full rights to the location above
    5. Restart the Service
    6. Batch Retention should now have the rights to Delete or Archive batches

In 5.0 + it is best to use impersonation within Batch Manager and set the user their to a Domain Admin account. 

    1. Go into the Configuration Module.
    2. Click on the Batch Manager Tab.
    3. The Impersonation Settings should be to the lower left. See attached Image within article.
    4. Enable Impersonation Settings
    5. Type out the Username, Password, and Domain.

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