PSIcapture Firewall Configuration: Connectivity Issues between Network Stations, License Server, and Capture Server.


License Server is not reachable by Network Stations. This is most likely due to a Firewall or Antivirus installation.


Use Command CMD and Ping the computer name of the Computer where License Server is located from the Network Station.

If Pinged successfully that means the Computer Exists on the same network and something is blocking communication.

Go to Start type Firewall

Select Windows Firewall and Advanced Security

Select Inbound Rules

Create new rules that allow both Capture Services.exe and TCP 47232-47233 to be allowed on Public, Domain, and Private Connections.

Do the same for Outbound Rules.

Go back to the Network Station and try to License. If issue still persists check both ends to ensure the rules are established on the Network Station, License Server, and Capture Server.

Also Check for AntiVirus software that can potentially block connections as well. Always check both ends.


For more information, see: PSIcapture: Antivirus & Firewall Port, Directory, and Registry Exclusions

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