PSIcapture How-to: Configure barcodes to automatically route documents to Capture Profiles with Auto Recognize

On first launch, PSIcapture comes automatically installed with a Capture Profile called Auto Recognize.

This profile allows users to route Documents through Auto import to another specific Capture Profile automatically.

This can be automated by creating a data matrix or 3 of 9 bar-code that begins with a literal "CB-" prefix.

For Example:

  1. If you have a Capture Profile called "A" and "B". 
  2. You want the documents to automatically route through Auto Import to Capture Profile "A".
  3. Set Auto Import through Auto Recognize.
  4. Scan the documents in using the CB- bar-code as the first page. If you want it routed to Capture Profile "A" use CB-A bar-code sheet as the first page.
  5. Scan the documents to the Auto Recognize Auto Import watch folder.
  6. The Documents will be routed automatically to Capture Profile "A".

Below is a list of all the Bar-Code Prefixes we use;


CB-  [Capture Profile Name]  :  Batch Separator, creates new Batch of the given Capture Profile

BN-  [Batch Name]  :  Batch Name

LP-  [Device Profile Name]  :  Load Device Profile

PB-  [Bookmark Name]  :  PDF Bookmark

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