[Legacy] PSIcapture Migration: DocuWare error: Invalid Field Index

This problem occurred on PSIcapture and DocuWare 51C SP3.



When utilizing Index Fields and trying to migrate to DocuWare, if the Index Field is not in a format compatible with insertion into DocuWare it could produce this message in the logs:

Migration: DocuWare Direct
Error: Error
System.Exception: DocuWare.Gapi: Invalid field index.



In this scenario, DocuWare is expecting an integer value and this cannot be modified to allow/accept any other fields. 

Modify your Index Field and set for 'Text'.   In this particular case, DocuWare was rejecting the fields because they were using dollar amounts, and the period between the values was causing the problem.   Either make sure the indexed data is regular numbers, or utilize Scripting to remove the period before migration into DocuWare.

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