PSIcapture Troubleshooting: License Invalid when un-docking a laptop

Note: PSIcapture NFR license on a laptop environment.

Installed the PSIcapture license on a laptop using a USB 3.0 dock (monitors, network, etc) and the application is working fine. But when the dock is disconnected, the license is invalid.
Is it possible that his NFR license is hardware locked onto the laptop dock? If that is the case would re-installing the license without the dock resolve this, or would the license fail when the dock has been re attached?

After the license was reset:
1. While attached to the dock, go into the license details and click on reset license method and close down PSIcapture.
2. Detach the laptop from the dock.
3. Run PSIcapture and the licensing process.
4. Test it with and without the dock.
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