PSIcapture Migration Error: M-Files Direct Migration Error


Error will occur during Migration to M-Files Direct

Migraion: M-Files Direct
Error: Failed to add file to M-Files
The Value '-1' does not exist, or it is a conflict object

CoVaultObjectOperations.cpp, 534, The value '-1' does not exist, or it is a conflict object. (0x800408E8)


This error has to do with and extra space being made at the end or beginning of an Index Field value being passed to M-Files. M-Files does not allow extra spaces at the beginning or end of an Index Field. To solve this issue review the Indexing Metadata and ensure all fields are formatted correctly then move the batch back into the Migration step.
This error also occurs when they are trying to populate a List type field in m-files and the value they entered in Capture isn't in the list in M-FIles

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