PSIcapture Migration: DocuWare Migration - fails connection test

This applies to DocuWare 6.5, verified to work with 5.1.3 1b. as well.



If you are unable to connect to the DocuWare server.



Typically, you copy the GAPI files from the DocuWare server and overwrite the ones included with PSIcapture installation.  These are located at:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\PSIGEN\Capture\Libraries\DocuWare.

If after copying the files here you still cannot connect, try the following:

1.  Check the permissions on C:\Program Files (x86)\PSIGEN and ensure that All Users and Domain Users are granted Full Control Permissions to that folder and all subfolders/files.
2.  Install DocuWare client programs, then find the same dll files in the new DocuWare C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Client Modules\Gapi.
3.  Copy those to C:\PSICapture Config\Gapi
4.  In the Docuware Direct configuration, set the GAPI Dependency File Directory to C:\PSICapture Config\Gapi

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