PSIcapture SQL LocalDB: Changing Service Account from Local System to Domain User.


Why would you need to change the Service Account from Local System to Domain User and why can't you use impersonation within PSIcapture?


Some PSIcapture users may wish not to affect the physical folder locations and instead want to run the Capture Service as a specific user account. Also, Impersonation does not provide the same level of permissions that logging the service in can provide for certain automated workflows. ApplicationXtender Migration is a perfect example of this.

  1. Log in as the domain user account you want to run the Capture Service with.
  2. Ensure that a localdb instance has been created. Follow SQL Local DB commands to check for instance open cmd and type in sqllocaldb info "v11.0" or newest version.
  3. Stop the Capture Service.
  4. Cut and paste the Configuration.mdf/.ldf and BatchManager.mdf/.ldf files out of the program data PSIGEN location.
  5. Log in the Capture Service with the user account you are logged in with.
  6. Start Capture Service.
  7. Let it create new Configuration and Batch Manager .mdf/.ldf files.
  8. Stop the Capture Service and delete out the new created .mdf files
  9. Copy and paste back in the the previous databases with batchmanager and configuration data
  10. Start the Capture Service.
  11. You should now be running the service with specified user and existing configuration data.
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