PSIcapture Troubleshooting: Unable to load DLL 'Accusoft.ScanFixXpress6.Common.'


[3/31/2015 1:17:51 PM - Error - v5.3.1.11]
Error running barcode recogntion.
Unable to load DLL 'Accusoft.ScanFixXpress6.Common.': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
at Accusoft.ScanFixXpressSdk.WorkerImports.WorkerInitialize(IntPtr& workspaceID, String componentName, Int32 controlType)
at Accusoft.ScanFixXpressSdk.ScanFix.ConstructorHelper()
at Accusoft.ScanFixXpressSdk.ScanFix..ctor()
at PixTools.PixIp.BarcodeDetection.ScanFixLib.CreateObject()
at PixTools.PixIp.BarcodeDetection.DoImageEnhancement(Bitmap bitmapImage, Rectangle& bitmapImageRegion)
at PixTools.PixIp.BarcodeDetection.RunBarcodeEngine(BarcodeXpress& pegasusBarcodeEngine, Bitmap bitmapImage, PixIpResult filterResult)
at PixTools.PixIp.BarcodeDetection.Run(PixmImage pixmImage, PixIpResult filterResult, Boolean allowModify)
at PixTools.PixIp.BarcodeDetection.RunFilter(PixIpImage srcImage, PixIpResult filterResult)
at PixTools.PixIp.PixIpFilter.Run(PixIpImage srcImage, PixIpResult filterResult)
at PixTools.PixIp.PixIpFilterProcessor.Run(PixIpImage srcImage, Dictionary`2 resultsList)
at PixTools.PixIp.PixIpFilterProcessor.Run(PixImage image)
at PSIGEN.Capture.Devices.Recognition.Providers.EMCBarcodeReader.ReadBarcodes(PixImage image, BarcodeSettings settings, RectangleF regionOfInterest, Boolean sort, Boolean runImageProcessing)

Corruption of this DLL can occur from external sources, such as Antivirus, third party security products, etc.


Documents may fail Barcode recognition and/or separation and log alerts may generate the following error.  To resolve, you will need to copy the Accusoft.ScanFixXpress6.NET.dll from another machine running the same version of PSIcapture.  This DLL is located at:  C:\Program Files (x86)\PSIGEN\Capture\Libraries\EMC Captiva.  Stop the capture services on the machine experiencing the issue, copy the DLL into the folder, and then start the capture services.

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