PSIcapture Migration: SmartSearch Error: "System.IO.IOException: The file exists." When Migrating Out PDF


Creation of a PDF fails causing migration errors in PSIcapture.
This error was observed in a SmartSearch standard migration; however, it is possible any time a PDF is being migrated out of PSIcapture.

SmartSearch Migration Error Example:
[11/19/2015 3:29:50 PM - Error - v5.4.2.4]
An error occurred during auto-processing. Error migrating Batch.
Batch: 20151119.152936 (Auto Import)
Migration: Square 9 Smart Search
Error: The file exists.
System.IO.IOException: The file exists.

This error occurs when the temp files located at %LocalAppData%\TEMP build up and exhaust the 65,535 values available. 

To resolve the issue, delete the files tempXXXX.tmp, where "XXXX" are four random characters.    If you are able to login as the user the Capture Service is running as or the account being used for impersonation, you should be able to use the following value to access the directory:
This issue was resolved in PSIcapture release  Temp files created prior to this version will still need to be manually deleted.
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