Migration: DocuWare Migration: 500 Internal Server Error

When migrating to DocuWare with Image Files, and creating a PDF at time of migration, you may encounter the following error when the finalized PDF is very large.   Solution 00000293 has information on the DocuWare web.config file to increase the filesize limit.  There is also an additional value in the web.config that can affect the upload.   If following solution 00000293 does not resolve, re-edit the web.config file and look for the 'maxRequestLength" value.  The default is set for 102400 (102 MB).  Try increasing to 1024000 and restarting IIS.

Additionally, using an actual OCR workflow step to produce a smaller sized PDF file should also overcome the issue.

Migration: DocuWare Direct
Error: 500 Internal Server Error

        Maximum request length exceeded.
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