The export path does not refer to a valid location within a PSIfusion deployment.

This is a standard error message referring to an incorrect path for the PSIfusion organization.


Fix 1: Set correct path to PSIfusion Organization


To continue using PSIfusion migration within PSIcapture to migrate data into PSIfusion, go to the Administration > Organization > General Settings page of PSIfusion and ensure that the path under "Storage path" is set to the correct UNC/local path. 

Screenshot 1

Similarly, ensure the correct UNC/local path is set under your PSIcapture profile's configuration in Workflow > Migration > Migration Settings > PSIfusion

Screenshot 2


If the issue persists and you are sure these paths are correct, attempt fix 2.


Fix 2: Select the "PSIfusion Direct" Migration option under migration settings

Instead of using "PSIfusion" as your migration option, select "PSIfusion Direct" and configure the profile's Site Address and API key with the correct values. Your site address is typically by default:


or whatever you have separately configured.

Screenshot 3

Your API Key is listed under Administration > Organization > API Keys.

Screenshot 4

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