[Legacy] PSIsafe: Issue 11.02: 5.8 to 6.x Conversion was done and cabinet has folders but no documents

5.8 to 6.x conversion was done.  All items processed fine, no outward signs of abnormality at the conversion GUI.  Their client cabinet had the entire folder list but no documents.  The SQL table also did not have any records.
The document.dat revealed that the DBMS key field for all the records had invalid characters.  Based on the clients process, it was found that they do not use the DBMS key for any other process.  This allowed us to clear all DBMS key value using a Clear DBMS Key utilty on the document.dat.  The cabinet was reprocessed successfully.
NOTE:  This is going to happen sporadically. Best way to catch these kinds of issues immediately is to do spot check for both folders and documents after the conversion.
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